Friday, 14 March 2014

4 Months Old

Things I want to remember... He finally doesn't need to be swaddled anymore. Somehow he's still fitting in to his moses basket. He still has the biggest eyes you've ever seen on a baby and smiles constantly. He has a red patch between his eyebrows when he cries. His upper arms are still so skinny. If I sit him on my knees and bounce him whilst reciting my own version of The William Tell Overture (that classical song you always relate to horses galloping) he laughs. He'll rarely sleep in his bouncy chair and still loves his spot between Steve and I on the sofa. He loves being in the wrap carrier. My absolute most favourite thing is when he smiles so hard he scrunches up both arms and legs and squeezes out a squeal. I miss him now he goes to bed before me. And I wish there were more hours in the day just to work out all the things that make him do the scrunch-up-and-squeal-smiles.

And how could you possibly see those baby blues in black and white..? ;)

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