Sunday, 9 March 2014

And Two She Turned!

As birthdays go it was textbook. A relaxed family morning. Presents in our pyjamas. Real coffee for big people and Weetabix with candles and paper windmills for the birthday girl. Family and friends gathered for celebrations and I felt very lucky and very proud. 

It's rarely ok as a parent to say out loud I feel proud of myself but, as sadly unpopular a statement as that can make a Mum, I did feel proud. The human being we made and put on this earth is two years in to a life that we have sustained. We've worked hard, made sacrifices, poured our whole hearts in that little soul and I spent a lot of time on her big day looking at her and thinking we did good.

That's why birthdays are such good anchors. We forget the small stuff and take a wider view of that person and our relationship to them. For a child's birthday that means we forget that not all their meals are nutritionally balanced and often they watch too much TV and we remember they're happy and healthy and beautiful and we think about everything we've already showed them about the world.  It was like a little holiday from the day to day guilts about little things and we pitched up with some perspective and thought happily about all we have done and all that they are. Felt wonderful. I had a wonderful day and I can say with the most confidence that I've ever had on a big occasion that Euna also had a bloody brilliant time. 

Here's a few snaps from the morning... A post on her "Tiger Tea Party" is to follow... 

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