Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Introducing Crockery...

THE book (Gill Rapley's "Baby Led Weaning") says not to confuse them with crockery at first. It will distract from eating, they will think it's a toy and they will play with it.

Now look at this face... 
This face tells me "LIES GILL! LIES! Would I PLAY with a plate of food?"

Erm... Well she looks keen...
Granted Gill... there is some mess...
 Well that's not the right way up...
 Ok now you're PLAYING the bongo bowl...
I concede Gill. My 9 month old is not ready for crockery. In my defence however, it makes for great photo opportunities.


1. We don't know until we try.

2. I need to read up on teaching table manners and using plates and bowls.

(Note: I was given this Nuby Flower Child bowl for free but I was not paid for this post and all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.)


  1. Beyond adorable! Totally agree, you never know until you try {& keep trying lol}.
    Happy to be a new follower from the hop!

  2. So cute. I loved taking pictures of Reagan when she was first starting to eat real food. It's amazing what they come up with to get food in their mouths.


  3. I used a vital baby suction bowl for foods like you offered here they stick amazingly well my daughter never managed to get hers off and she has some super baby strength at 19 months she still can not get it off!!

    I used to give her whole cooked veg like a small carrot/parsnip/large chunk of brocoli and couliflower, but whole so no chance of chocking i used to give large foods so she could hold and eat opposed to just putting in her mouth so also got the feel of the veg or fruit then too. when onto meat about a fortnight after we started i just used to strip chicken up tiny shreds same for beef pork fish etc she now loves nothing but proper home cooked food she wont eat any tinned food not even baked beans! (she does eat tinned tuna though) it is amazing to watch them try before i used a bowl i just used to put the food on her high chair or bumbo tray for her to choose. She used to eat a whole lot more doing it this way com[pared to me spoon feeding her. i rarely mashed her dinners up together when she started to use her spoon (could do this very well by 6 months and would not let you feed her) i just used to cut it small enough to be able to scoop enough on to her spoon she loves eating and feeding herself. She now eats better tnan her daddy!!!!

  4. your photos are amazing! My baby girl (8 months) does the same with plates and bowls but has been surprisingly ok with food put on her highchair table. x


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