Friday, 23 November 2012

Call for Back-Up!! (Weak...?)

The other day I went on to a pregnancy forum and published a post asking the other Mums what they thought the hardest part about being having a baby was.

The answers were not surprising. Tiredness, sense of responsibility, housework, cooking, crying/moaning, lack of "me" time.

The notable part was, and this is is kind of an extension from my last post (I must not of got it all out in one go), the words before their thing.

"The CONSTANT moaning..."
"The NEVER having me time..."
"ALWAYS having housework to do..."
"The PERMANENT tiredness..."

The hardest thing about being a mum is that you are constantly, always, never not and permanently a mum! I'm feeling that a bit today. I'm feeling that age old weight of parenthood. The enormity and permanence of it looms a little today.

Solution? Her smiling face...
...and remembering I'm not alone in this. Before I am a Mum, WE are a family. That feels good.

"I am Mum" sounds lonely.

"We are a family" reminds me I have back-up. My back-up needs some time back at base camp. (Roll on Christmas.)

What's interesting is for a moment I considered not writing that. For a moment I thought "does that make me sound weak?" and I'd be willing to bet my last pound that I am not the only one who would think that. Why do we need the world to believe that we could do everything on our own? We actually spent a lot of money on a very special day telling all our friends and family and the state that we didn't think we could do it alone. That we didn't want to do it alone. We planned to do this together. It's just me who decided to try and go rogue this week.

America celebrated thanksgiving yesterday. Before thanks comes awareness of what you have. Be aware and use it. Don't be too proud to use it and stop seeing the weakness in needing it.


  1. This is such a good reminder! I think what I find the hardest is that as a stay at home mother I see it as my job so I often feel guilty admitting to my husband that I can't cope when he has such a busy day himself. It's easy to feel like a failure but we're going to be better moms if we re-charge sometimes!

    Great post :)

  2. i love that you always say what we are probably all feeling but wouldnt necessarily admit too. and i completely agree with rachel

  3. Oh such happy times!!!!! Sadly mine are all grown up know, but i am lucky to have 2 little granddaughters to spoil. Thanks for you lovely comment......xx


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