Thursday, 9 August 2012

Weaning pressure...

So check out my latest stack of reading...

Cue panic, the feeling of being TOTALLY out of my depth, deep sadness at the beginning of the end of breastfeeding threatening to come my way, frustration and most of all complete CLUELESSNESS. When did this happen? When did we get here? What on earth was I doing when everybody else started weaning for to turn around and feel like the literally the LAST person in the world to get on board the weaning train? GAH!

So I'm reading... Big question is Baby Led Weaning or Traditional Weaning? The answer is probably going to be some kind of mixture but there will beno answer until I've done so serious research... Yeurgh. 

5 months and 2 days today... 29 days to go till the 6 month mark and weaning commencement.


1. Weaning is scary.

2. Knowledge is power. (Just unfortunate that I have none thus far).

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