Friday, 3 August 2012

On her marks...

In the spirit of the olympics little E is looking ready to get mobile! Today she discovered two things:

1. She can pivot on her tummy.

2. Rolling is not just for facing up or down... she can roll to get places.

Cue internal panic! Wow are we here already? Where did my babe in arms go?

Then screw practical head on... Look around my home... Or as I now see... THE HOUSE OF DOOM!!! We are sooooo not ready for a mobile baby here! I have a very fancy glass vase (wedding gift) well within grasp, a FIRE, a full but rickety wine rack just ripe for pulling over and don't even get me started on my garden patio on which my nephew face planted STONE last week!

So here we go... stair gates, cupboard catches, toilet locks, ornaments up high and never sitting down EVER again. I'll be honest, I'm nervous about this part. I'm nervous about becoming impatient. I'm nervous about not having the energy to PLAY with her. I know I'll take care of her and I know I'll love her, no question. I really don't want to become THAT mum who's too tired doing all the necessary stuff to do all the wonderful stuff.

We'll see. It's a while off and I am doing my usual over-thinking and premature worrying. It's a process. My mum would tell me to cross bridges when I get to them (though she's even more guilty of it than me).

Lesson - babies grow up fast, think of this as the first warning to get as many cuddles in as possible.

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