Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Turning 30...

So I turn 30 tomorrow. And about 5 people to day have asked me if I'm ok... And I am. Not because I'm too-cool-for-the-freaking-out-about-getting-old-school, but because I reserve those freaks out for when I think about the babies growing up. Not often. Just when they go through the major milestones... Like when Euna got her first pair of two piece pyjamas or when Bow grew out of his bouncy chair or when Euna had the last day of her first term or preschool or today when Bow picked up his sippy cup of his own for the first time... You know, really pivotal stuff.

And because I'm feeling philosophical in the last few hours of my 20's I will share that whenever I do have a freak out of this variety I remember the wise words of my wise friend's very wise mum who said, when my friend had a freak out that one day (talking obscure one day in the future terms) her mum will die, "but if I didn't die you wouldn't be able to have your children". So there. That's my little anchor. If I didn't get old then I wouldn't of been able to have my babies, who are the absolute joy of my life. It's just gotta work like that. And I want my children to get their chance at this parenting lark... So I've gotta grow up and grow old. Thanks Sue. 

20's then. They were good. They were also a little bit hard. A little bit uncertain. As 20's are supposed to be. And as I've now had a last-night-of-my-20s-beer and still feeling philosophical here's what I'd take away from my 20's about being in my 20's...

1. Do what you want to do and generally you'll end up doing something you should do.

2. Everyone might get to different stuff at different times. DOn't worry about it. Keep doing what you want to do.

3. Keep making friends. Actively. After college/uni. All the time. Even outside of work. Don't ever think "right I've got my friends".

4. If you're thinking about getting married or having babies and you're thinking when you do it'll be the end of your life... It's not. Do it like it's the start of your life and it will be. 

4 will do. 4's a good number of "big" things to of learnt in a decade. Certain I'll unlearn them for periods to come.

Happy Birthday me! ;D

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