Thursday, 3 July 2014

Slow to Stress Cycle

I don't really want to admit it but I keep losing my cool with them at the moment. Generally at the same time of day everyday. 6-ish. Bow's probably been grizzling since before dinner. Euna's in that slightly manic, tired phase of the day when she seems to want to be loud and make mess and just being a bit destructive around the place. Plus I'm trying to clean up after dinner, get pyjamas out, do baths, tidy... etc.

I can feel myself get totally overwhelmed and it feel like I crawl right up inside my own head and then it' just like a pressure cooker until I pop and I'm shouting stuff like "WILL EVERYONE JUST STOOOOOOOP CRYYYYYYINGGGGGG!"

Then thanks to the sharing power of the internet and far more articulate people than I, I found this via a friend on Facebook... "The important thing about yelling". You when things make you go "this is SO true!"? I got that. And I'm realising I need to slow down a little, that actually the yelling isn't about frustration with the babies. The yelling is about my frustration at not being able to do an unrealistic amount around the babies. 

I do this cycle a lot. Commit to too much. Get stressed. Blog that I need to slow down. Slow down. Feel in charge of my shiz. Feel a lull. And then I think... Hey you know what we should do?

So here's to the slow down chapter! And in the spirit of slowing down, here's a chilling Bow-Bow...

And here's a chilling Bow-Bow sporting two spanking new toothy pegs! :D

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