Saturday, 31 May 2014

We're Home!

921 holiday photos. NINE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE!!!! And I made a point to delete the duffers as we went along... Crikey.

So we're home and rested, not in a night time sleepy way obviously (thanks for that Bow) but certainly in a we've had lots of fresh air and sun and nobody's had to do a load of washing or peel a vegetable in 10 days kind of way. What a luxury time, sun and good food is hey?! I know it's been a good holiday when I'm trying to make a viable plan in my head for us all to sell our worldly possessions and go live in a beach commune Leonardo Dicaprio The Beach style... 

Not today... Today I will try to dig myself out from the mountain of washing and guiltlessly allow Euna a whole day of CBeebies and pj wearing! 

Until I can get some of the 921 (!!!!!!!) photos to you... Here's a couple of my favourite little rug-rat... <3

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