Thursday, 29 May 2014

Colchester Zoo!

These are pictures from before we left... Steve had a automobile malfunction that stopped him going to work and so we took advantage of the impromptu annual leave, unexpected sun and our Colchester Zoo Gold Cards and took a couple of hours out the house. 

I find it wonderful that with no encouragement children do just love the "good" stuff in life. They love being outside. They are fascinated by animals. The fresh air makes for good naps, which makes for good moods and better times later on. They're happiest in the sunshine, you can almost see those anti-depressant vitamins seeping in to the skin and slapping a smile of their (and everyone else's) faces! 

Essentially kids just know what's best for everyone. I say... Hunched over my laptop... When did I unlearn that? Just another way having small people around the place keeps me in-check... I'm off to relearn some of that!   


  1. Lovely pictures! Looks like you had really nice weather for a day in the zoo. Can't stop looking at your gorgeous pictures :-) #familyphotofridy

  2. I'm so envious of what you have on your doorstep, we need to do a zoo trip! Looking beautiful, Family A! x


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