Sunday, 11 May 2014

Life's a Beach... Simply.

I'm struggling to start this post. At the forefront of my mind is how we're slowing our weekends down. Planning one activity or less for the day and leaving the rest of it to pottering, tea, colouring and sorting through random clutter in the utility room. All good soul-soothing stuff. Like vegetable soup for my stress levels. Also I'm cutting down on multi-tasking as much as possible and what an easy habit that is to break! A skill I've always prided myself in suddenly seems so masochistic and not really that productive. I start eight things at once, do none of them well, get stressed and then generally blame other people that I'm overwhelmed. 

I guess I'm struggling to write this post because I have nothing new to say on the matter... Suffice to say I'm feeling pretty cleansed for the change of pace. It's also making me want to do a mass declutter around the house. Feeling like maybe everything will feel simplified when our stuff is... Maybe.

Anyway... Doesn't get much simpler than sandwiches at the beach! Happy belated May Day Bank Holidays! (Have no idea why these pictures look so dark when upload to Blogger?!)

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  1. I love a weekend spent 'pottering', they're great for connecting with the family. That beach picnic looked great, wish we lived nearer the coast. Thanks for joining in with Point + Shoot xx


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