Sunday, 1 December 2013

Week 1 with 2...

1 week down. Week one with two down. 

It was ok. Good infact! Far less eventful than the apocalyptic-esc scenes my former pregnant self imagined. I learnt it's a lot about thinking ahead and I mean for everything. Even if I want to go to the loo, I have to think ahead. I think could Euna gouge out one of Bow's eyeballs in the time it takes me to wee? Yes. Which baby is easier to take to the loo? I'll take the mobile one, coax her with a toy, which toy? Bunny. "Euna come see what bunny is doing?" I put on the floor directly outside the toilet, maybe give bunny a toilet roll to play with. Etc. It's long winded. It's not impossible, it's not rocket science, it's not even hard work like it's physically demanding, but it's long winded and we're just talking about having a wee here!

The long winded-ness also means it's busier. Those little pockets of "free time" that littered my day when it was just Euna and I, are now filled with breastfeeding, a second round of nappies, washing, cuddling, changing sicky clothes, soothing sore boobs... Upside is that I have high hopes for the baby weight doing a faster disappearing act this time. Downside is how alarmingly fast the days disappear. Here we are in Bow's fourth week, newborn clothes are looking snug and I swear all I did was blink to get here!

This post could start to sound negative so far. It shouldn't. It's shouldn't because this is wonderful. I guess I imagined the experience of baby 2 feeling somewhat anti-climactic, essentially it was just "Euna round two" so it'd be the same just without the novelty factor right? Wrong. So so so wrong. Having Euna was about having a baby. Having Bow is about having a family. He's transformed us all. He's made the landscape of all our lives so much richer, fuller and everything we do is now for, with and about our family as a whole. Somehow he's made us a unit, a whole and that's the most wonderful feeling ever. 

So I love it. Call it crazy baby making hormones but I do. I love the random long windedness to everything. I love being this busy. 

I also love that I've needed help these last couple of weeks. I'm bad at accepting help or asking for help or feeling comfortable putting myself in a position where I need help. That might be pride but it's not conscious. But help I've had and what a great way to remind yourself how fabulous your friends and family are?! What a great way to have my babies see how fabulous the other people in their lives are?! I'm feeling especially lucky for these wonderful people in our lives right now.

Thank you friends. Thank you family.

We're doing it! I'm doing it! High-family-of-four-5!!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Number 2 was a much easier adjustment than number one I found.


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  4. Sorry for the commenting disaster! And I lost my insightful post. Safe to say this totally resonates with me - 2 is fab!

  5. Reading your beautifull post reminded me of the time when my #2 came, almost 2 years ago now.
    Oh, and soon you wont have to worry about leaving them alone to go pee. They will follow you EVERYTIME :D


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