Monday, 23 December 2013

Dear Everything, Please Stop.

Sometimes I'm struck with these hideous waves of panic that I will never be able to enjoy this enough. I will never be savour enough of these baby days to last me the rest of my life. That I'll spend the rest of my life, albeit much better rested, mourning this time of my life. My babies will be big and gone and it won't have been enough, because how could it be? What could be more magical than watching all these important moments; first smiles, first steps, first words, first pictures... The start of quite literally everything.

I can't quite fathom that anyone's done this before. Because if they have how of earth was my Mum able to allow me to grow up? How has any Mum ever managed to stop doing this?

It's too huge and too wonderful and sometimes when I really stop to think about it it absolutely swallows me whole.

Dear Everything, 

Please stop. Just pause a while whilst I figure out how I'm supposed to get enough out of this to last me a lifetime.

From Someone Who Should Stop Overthinking Things And Just Be Happy They Have So Much They Want To Savour xoxo

Nothing fancy today... Just snaps... No editing... Just shot as we lived them...

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  1. That's a wonderful blog, I had exactly the same worries with my little one. He's 8 now and whilst I've come to terms with him getting bigger quicker and learning more and needing me less, we still have 'adventures' and I made sure to take LOTS of pictures.

    I hope you have a lovely and memorable Christmas


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