Friday, 22 November 2013

The Essential One's Unisex Baby Grow Review

I've made no secret of my little The Essential One obsession. What's not to love? Quality, essential items, well made in plush natural fabrics. Their focus is on supplying the baby and maternity items you need and making every item them do so well done that each becomes your instant favourite and "go to". 

In addition to such a solid ethos they focus on super fast delivery and satisfy my love of needless packaging... 

So what's inside the packaging? (These and these.) Unisex beige and white baby grows/sleepsuits. When it comes to tiny babies it's baby grows all the way in this house. Comfy, cotton, moveable, breathable baby grows. I have little interest in waistbands, fussy fabrics, stiff embroidered detailing or anything close to a real "outfit" before a couple of months old at least. I just want baby to be comfortable and these baby grows are so worth shouting about because they are sooooo comfortable.

They're made from 100% "superfine cotton" this means they're a natural and breathable fibre and according to the product description the "superfine" part is why they are so soft. They have popper fastenings down the front and inside the legs. The popper spacings seem reasonable; not so many it's annoying and not so few you have any gaping. 

I really like the beige and white colours, they're truly unisex and I really like light colours on newborns. The stripe, logo, star, spot and plain designs are simple but sweet. My favourite is the plan with small logos all over. They have built in scratch kits which is very handy for me as I seem to be the owner of one scratch kit eating washing machine, though you can get mits to match if you prefer. 

These baby grows are £19.99 for a pack of 3. To me this is great value for the quality you're receiving especially as they come in sweet little matching drawstring bags (which make them ideal for gift giving). £19.99 puts them cheaper than the real premium brands like Jojo Maman Bebe (from £14 each) but around £3 more expensive than Next and Marks & Spencers 3 packs. I'm more than comfortable with this positioning on the market as they whilst you can get cheaper these are just that little bit more special and unusual. 

Besides... Baby Bow seems to rank them oh so high on the snuggability scale... :D :D :D 

Finally, in addition to the mits, you can also get hats and vests to match! All equally fantastic quality and value for money. Although unfortunately it's too chilly for me to snap a piccie of Bow in the vests with out him wobbling the bottom lip!

If you missed baby Bow's birth story make sure you go catch up! 

Note: I was sent these products free of charge to review, though all opinions and ideas within this review are 100% my own.

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