Monday, 1 July 2013

Softly Snail Activity Fun House Review

A little while back in February I had a little look over Euna's Christmas presents and had a think about best toys for gifts... Amongst them was this beautiful rocking horse we got family to pitch in for for Christmas...
I'm a big believer in buying less but buying for forever and that's exactly what this rocking horse is...
It's from quite a plush toy company called Little Bird Told Me, a company I already adore for the quality and beautiful designs of their toys.
So I was over the moon when this little guy came in the post for review...
This is the Softly Snail Activity Fun House! It's a (copied from the website)...

"Brimming with activities and fun surprises, to excite, stimulate and delight! Her antennae rattle and squeak and you can pull her along on her removable wooden wheels. Lift the roof to discover a hidden mirror and discover where Curious Caterpillar lives. Don’t forget to pop a photo behind the door to add a personal ‘peek-a-boo’ touch!"
And what did we think? Well for me, the parent, I love the look. That shouldn't matter, but it does a little bit. It's so sweet looking with his little face and the pastel colours. It's not just a toy you like to see them play with, it also looks gorgeous displayed on a shelf in the nursery. When she's playing with it I'm reassured by the quality. The stitching is tight, the materials are soft and luxurious, the manufacturing is clearly well done and all the parts appear baby very baby safe. I can imagine this toy being appropriate at 6 months and lasting well in to toddlerdom (2-3 years). I also like the wooden wheels, I think we all like to see natural materials used where ever possible.
Well what does she think? She LOVES it! She loves pulling it around the kitchen, she stores anything and everything in the little house, sits and does her little "bop-bop" dance to twinkle twinkle little star when you pull the antennae and more than anything she seems surgically attached to the little caterpillar rattle!
The only negative I have come across is that the pull cord has a break point in the middle that reattaches with soft velcro. I can only assume this is for some kind of health and safety reason to prevent the cord getting wrapped around anything but for Euna it detaches a little too easily.
Price is £28.00. At a quick glance on Google I can see you can get a very small and very basic pull along toy from £3 and they go up depending on brand, quality and interactivity to £50.00. So £28.00 puts the Softly Snail at the middle to upper end of the bracket, though I do advise in the case of this toy you are getting what you pay for. It is musical, interactive, of quality construction, uses natural material and looks absolutely adorable. Plus I believe this is a toy that will adapts with a child's development so you will be getting a lot of play time for your money.
In conclusion... Little Bird Told Me do beautiful "forever toys". Unless you've married a footballer you probably don't want to fill your whole toy box with this stuff, but what is lovely to have is a few quality staple toys that are your little one's favourites. Staples like a pull along and a rocking horse are perfect additions that you will keep thinking to yourself "I'm so glad I invested in a nice one of those". 

Positives of the softly snail are: it grows with your child, made with natural materials, very safe, interactive, has a lot of little extras like the photo slot and caterpillar rattle, it's well made and looks beautiful.

Negatives: the safety break in the cord detaches a little too easily for a more active toddler. 

Verdict: recommended, especially as a real "wow" gift for a special occasion.

Check back in a bit... I have a photo post coming with some of my favourites from this weekend's toddler shoots... (Go "Like" my photography page Farlie Photography if you can't wait! It's really growing over there! Eeee! :D)


  1. It's toys like this that are why my OH confiscated my bank cards. Apparently internet shopping isn't compulsory for a stay at home dad. Who knew?

    Found you via #magicmoments.

  2. I absolutely love this toy and i love your gorgeous pictures as always, thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x


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