Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Springs are Flexible.

Things that Spring means: shedding of the heavy layers of clothes, realising you can eat and/or drink outside, remembering you have a garden and you're allowed in it, holiday planning, envisioning summer, warm feet, green…

Last Spring I was in the haze of new parenthood. I high-fived myself if I/we were dressed before midday and that was as wide as my focus wandered. 

This Spring I see there is still change to be realised as a parent. The landscape of these seasons is so different as a Mum. Holidays, summer evenings, days in the garden, Spring and Summer as concepts all look, smell, sound and feel so different. We do different things. We eat different food. We drink, sit and be quiet less. We ponder less. Life all over is more driven by necessary activities and any fluffy extras are targeting her.

That could sound embittered. That could feel embittered. I know people who are embittered by it. Why must everything change? Haven't I been flexible enough?

I'll choose not to be. Let's go with it. I never "went with it" before I was a Mum. Since being a Mum "going with it" has been my number one mantra. Acceptance is Queen and it's happiness. 

Spring and Summer (aka seasons about the outdoors) are the seasons for children. I'm so excited to find new ways to enjoy my baby in these seasons and enjoy these seasons with my baby. Double happy.

Parks, woods, beaches. Walks, picnics, gardening. Shorts, sandals, dresses. Sun. We hope...

Well here's us making a start. 

New season, new shoes, new upright moves = The slowest, shortest walk ever. 

She's such a lady. She's all about what's right. Socks go on feet and if they slip off, they must go back on...
Also worth mentioning it's Real Nappy Week starting Monday (15th April), which means LOTS of giveaways and chances to get involved in cloth! Check out my Fluff page for some of my own experiences, favourite nappies and slung together tips on how I do it...


  1. Love those sweet little baby feet! My son is the exact opposite when it comes to socks.....take them off quick, leave them off.....and oh, probably shove them in his mouth too :)) A boy thing?? :))

  2. So cute - lovely Spring happiness. However I am also more happy about Real Nappy Week and very excited about it!! Bee x


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