Monday, 11 February 2013


I need more time. 

I need a few more ticks and too many tocks are being lost to activities that aren't getting my shiz done.

I've said a lot of yes' recently. Every singe one of them is a time commitment and now I'm running low. 

It's amazing how time gets eaten up now compliments of the small one. The girl's a freaking machine through the day and barely naps. Baby led weaning meal times are as long and leisurely as ever and I am loosing my resolve to keep the laptop away from the dinner table whilst she eats.

I need to get stuff done. I need to do coursework. I need to manage my Mum's website. I need to pack our whole house and move. I am PERMANENTLY in a state of needing to prepare food, do laundry and tidy. I need to take more pictures and get better if I want to be serious about photography. On top of all that I need to be a great parent and I need to be a great parent Monday to Friday, rising time to bed time, on my own. 

I'm doing a little of everything, a lot of nothing and the lack of momentum is seriously demotivating.

The reality is time doesn't come to a parent easily. It takes organisation and delegation. Easier said than done when you are already feeling buried in to dos.
So negotiations in time management begin. One of the hardest parts is remembering Steve is (probably) not trying to kill our baby and relinquish some responsibility. 
Watch this space. Exciting times ahead. All the best things require a time of pre-emptive stress beforehand. It's the seeds of appreciation. Kicking back on the other side is just going to feel that much better... 

1. Until they perfect the cloning process or I can make a Charlie cylon I am stuck with just the one of me. This means other people need to do things for/with me. 

2. Have faith. It will all be ok. 

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  1. reading that made me wish we were closer (in both distance and friendship) so i could offer to come and help :( love the bit about steve probably not trying to kill her. why is it we find it so hard to ask for/ accept help?! xx


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