Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Newborn Nostalgia...

So despite my mega positive post about embracing her growing up and developing and finding the positives ("Imma OWN Seconds")... I never promised this milestone wouldn't pass without a nostalgic post or five.

I took these when Euna was 6 days old. I completely lost my temper with the visitors, ordered Steve to banish them all because I want to do two things; take pictures of my baby and go for a walk with the buggy. I had a blissful morning with my baby. No distractions. No cups of tea to offer. No one's work to ask after, even though I don't care, right now I just want to talk about which of her eyelashes is the longest and prettiest.

Unedited. Taken with the kit lens. Total fluke I found good light. I knew nothing of good light back then (there are 3846352729129879946 other photographs to prove it). I love these. Not just because they're cute, but because they represent a couple of precious hours I got to drink in the bliss that is mothering a newborn. She slept the whole time... I love her.

Next time I will make time for these moments/hours every single day.


  1. I love this post. We had so many visitors the first 2 weeks of Ethan's life -- I hated it. I swore up and down I would put my foot down next time, just enjoy these moments as a family. <3 Such beautiful photos!

  2. Beautiful pictures for sure. When my son was born we did not own a DSLR and now we are pregnant with no. 2. Man, we thought we took tons with a point and shoot....this go round will be tons!

    She is so precious.

  3. Aww, beautiful pictures. I am so glad we took photos of Biolet when she was 10 days old. I treasure them.


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