Monday, 18 February 2013

Stress Busting...

We took ourselves out of the house this Sunday. We took ourselves out of the four walls where the boxes and piles constantly remind we have tons to do and yet nothing to do whilst we wait around for obscure and frustrating pieces of administration to complete our house move. 

We took ourselves out to fresh, cold, February air. To space. To green and fury things at Jimmy's Farm. To surround ourselves by things that run on far simpler fuels than own lives do, reminding us; none of it really matters. Not really. We're fine. 

Euna sat merrily in the trike and we span her around the pens of goats, sheep, pigs and chickens. She kicked her feet and beamed. Here's the stuff that matters. She's becoming so interactive with the world now and it's getting more and more rewarding to show it to her. She feeds back in smiles, babbled sounds and pointing. Her speech is developing and it warrants hours of O-VER PRO-NOOOOOUNC-ING words with big rubbery lip movements in her face. She humours me with smiles then tries to gouge out eyes with her newly acquired pincer grip capabilities. 

Space, air and fury things were just the medicine. That and the opportunity to get creative with the camera for an afternoon. Creativity is my first rate stress remover. Making something. I'm lucky to have an outlet. 


Address stress dynamically. Don't let it take over. Keep it all in perspective, because you might be missing something...


  1. ooooooh my GOSH!!

    Stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop!
    New follower via email (so i will get a notification when you add a post!)

  2. love the last pic of the sippy cup and the glass of wine....that's the life of a mom! You take beautiful pictures, and your blog is lovely!

  3. Sometimes we just need to separate ourselves from the stress and breathe, right? I LOVE all the shots - your baby girl is SO stinkin' ADORABLE!! And that last shot? Totally me. ;) Thanks so much for joining me for Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel! :)

    Artistic License and the Russian Meteor, Sheldon Gets Silly for a Cause, SMASH Love, R.I.P. Mindy McCready – RTT Rebel


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