Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Nature. But I'll Book a Swim Class Just in Case...

I've been thinking about milestones recently. And I'm going to admit... It really messes with your head when they're not ahead on them! For 99% of the time you have a logical head on. It's fine. All children are different. You're (almost) certain it means nothing. But just every so often a thought or two pops in to your head. Someone else was already doing this by now. Is there something else I should be doing? 

Ah! Mummy-guilt! We meet again! It's been a while because I'm a laid back second timer... (ahem) 

 And I have to say this time it really got me. Mummy-guilt of the omg-I-haven't-done-nearly-as-many -things-with-my-second-born variety. Because I haven't. Because some days I feel like I could literally just do all the essential childcare-y tasks, you know the stuff that keeps them alive like feeding, watering and clothing, and have almost ZERO time left over. I have to make time all the time. Time never just happens. If I allowed it I would never come to a point in my day where I thought "hey, now I've got some time". If I ever get close to that point there's always a dishwasher to unload or a wash load to hang up. 

Not that I think there's a baby group on earth that would have my boy crawling by now. But it would be nice to know I had done my bit. Nice to know we're putting in some Bow time. So we've booked Sunday swimming lessons and making plans for Euna's preschool mornings come September. 

Also the health visitor popped by of this 9-12 month check and reassured my quivering bottom lip that was out in full force whilst I asked her if he was "too late" in a few things... Grip = got. This week I'm taking some pressure off myself and siding with nature over nurture on the great child development debate. 

Some MORE Mersea snaps... We are practically LIVING here this summer! 

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