Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Learning Lessons & Feeding Ducks

When I started this blog I used to put a mini list of lessons learnt at the bottom of every post... I just remembered the other day and thought I'd revisit it because I feel like life has had me on one of those little hamster training wheels recently and I'm firing out lessons learnt (and remembered) all the time. 

So what am I learning? 

Toddlers are little mirrors. She's showing me all about how I talk, gesture, socialise and parent by copying me back to myself. I start a though like "where have you got that frooo... OH! I do that!"

Sleep deprivation can creep up on you slowly. Months of broken sleep, even if you're getting a good 6-7 hours a night, can accumulate and all of a sudden you realise you're exhausted, stupid and demotivated. That's happened. Steve's taking over the night shifts for a few nights. Two in and I feel like a new woman. Sleep is good.

Birthdays are brilliant and I am going to indulge in celebrating mine more each year. Why not? I'm always all about an excuse for a celebration, but seem to always forget my own birthday... Surely there's more to celebrate as you get older?

Babyhoods are shorter than I ever knew. Bow is 9 months. Countdown to 1st birthday. How tragic. I know I bore on about it all the time but seriously... Babyhoods are SHORT.

Some snaps from a day trip to Finchingfield... Little less known fact... I grew up around here... How beautiful?! How lucky that I get to be nostalgic in a place with such fab tea rooms?!

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  1. He looks like a proper little boy in that picture. Slow down, Bow!


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