Thursday, 19 June 2014

Toddler Talk...

Words I can't quite bring myself to correct Euna on... Because it's really cute...

1. Durka-durka-die aka "butterfly" we can only assume she's fluent in Team America Arabic

2. Gaga aka "banana" and it's rubbing off on Steve and I...

3. Ralph aka "toast" though this one might be correcting itself... :(

4. Duddle aka "cuddle" Cutest. Thing. Ever. Also "lubbly duddle" :D

5. Goilet aka "toliet" particularly topical at the moment as we're potty training

6. Tubbytup/buppycup/buttymup/tummypup (every attempt is a new version) aka "buttercup"

You won't find a "top tips for speech development" post here... (insert that monkey hiding it's eyes emoji that I seem to be using on everything recently)

Some snaps from our weekend! A rather random selection because the more "official" photography side has been busy this week, check the new watermark... Thoughts?

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  1. So cute! There are a couple things I can't bear to correct Ethan on, either. He says "zebros" instead of zebras, and it's so cute! That's my favorite. :)


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