Friday, 13 June 2014

Holiday Blues, Summer To-Do and a Sneaky Snap...

It's been a pretty long couple of weeks adjusting to life after holiday... I don't think holiday-blues have ever been so potent! Proof of a good time I hear my Mum cry! Yes Mum...

Anyway a written off car, FAR too many unexpected bills, two babies with virus', subsequent restless nights and a few redeeming sunny days later and I'm here with a Friday feeling and totally ready for summer! 

I spent most of last summer pregnant, overheated, impatient and wallowing in the shade with my low-zero alcohol lager... LAME. I'm determined to make up for it this summer. And what's better for cementing good intentions than writing a good old fashioned list?! Nothing. So here is my 2014 summer bucket list:

1. Pick our own  at a pick your own... Strawberrys. And maybe asparagus. 

2. Swimming.

3. Beach.

4. Visit my very good friend Mrs R and her clan. 

5. Date nightS... As in plural. 

6. Do a photoshoot of something new. Maybe a freebie so I can do something super creative. I'm thinking a maternity shoot on Mersea Island by the pastel beach huts?

7. Family road trip. Visit some family or something.

(8. Try not to hurl the tv in to next doors pond in some kind of World Cup overload induced rage. *Optional* :P)

Ready set SUMMER! (Loser. Who says that?!)

A little peek from Wednesday... A sneaky snap post newborn shoot, seeing as the gear was up... :D

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