Saturday, 8 February 2014

Reflecting on a Time Budget

A very good friend of mine just had a baby. Her second. Her first is within weeks old of Euna. We're close and it's like I'm seeing all my own having-a-second-newborn-early-days again. And because I was so in throws of it I didn't blog any of it.

I didn't blog the instant urge to protect Euna from any change or any drop in Mummy's attention. I didn't talk about how protective I felt over Bow around those flailing toddler arms. I never got a chance to mention how I obsessively needed to prove I cope with two from day 1 by trying to breastfeed a newborn whilst reading a faved Julia Donaldson book to a toddler. I haven't even had a chance to really think about putting in to words how, after months and months of worrying, how seamlessly equally I love them both.

It's all been so huge but so organically normal at the same time. Maybe only seemingly organic because it's been so busy. We wake and go from one thing to the next to the next... We slump on the sofa and as if by some trick it's bedtime! The benefit of little reflective time... It just happens. And often if I don't have time to think about things, the right things happen.

We're all alive so some of the right things must be happening right?!

From the parts of my week when I got to photograph my own babies... First up BUNCHES?! BUNCHES!!!!! (That's British for "pig tails" FYI)

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