Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I've never been one for Valentines Day. It doesn't make me particularly sentimental and it never once depressed me in my single days. Don't get me wrong, I pretty much expect a card from Steve and I'm all for excuses to make an effort for quality time together and my enthusiasm can be known to peak if a glass of something bubbly is on offer... So you definitely won't get a rant about it being a corporate holiday invented by card companies blah blah blah... Short version is I'm on the fence on February 14th.

But love huh?! That's a BIG topic. This year I have all varieties to celebrate. The marital and romantic varieties (not always the same thing). The Mummy to daughter type. The Mummy to son type. The kind I feel for my own parents, somewhat redefined and much more in focus since becoming a Mum myself. I've got it all this year and that's a lot of love!!

Recently had some turning-30-making-me-reasses-absolutely-everything-and-judge-myself-and-my-life-and-all-my-decisions-and-all-my-achievements-really-really-harshly wobbles. It occurs to me this valentines day I'm feeling way more of the L-stuff than ever and that's very cool. So cool infact I'm thinking about using Valentines Day as the new reassessment point in my year. Better than New Year, better than birthdays. Valentines is the new "what the hell am I doing with myself?" day, because all I need to look at is if I've got a lot of the big L going out to a lot of different places.

I feel pretty happy thinking about it all that simply. So maybe February 14th is the day to strip it all back to life's best freebie and let that very basic element be your barometer...?

Anyway, here we are spreading some of that love with a little toddler Valentine's crafting...

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