Thursday, 28 March 2013

ISO Springspiration!

It's hard to broach the seasonal topics of Easter and spring and all their connotations towards new, birth/rebirth and growth when there's a layer of unprecedented snow on the ground. I can't even contemplate the idea of a spring clean when all I want to do is hide under blankets on the sofa and drink hot chocolate.

But I'm jonesing for a little springspiration.

Looking forward to that first day when I think "I don't need a jacket" or "we could almost drink these coffees outside".

I wanna wake up and open a window.

See some sun, ditch my plans for indoor activities and get outside.

Feel that rush of "let's get stuff done because it's glorious and it's spring".

I want to be motivated to purge, decorate, organise, shop, craft.

Not yet though. It's still icey cold. Little daffodil buds did appear but then a layer of snow smote their chance to bloom. I even had the fire on yesterday.

Some pictures from the first few days of English spring 2013...
Baby led weaning at lunch... Veggie-smash is the new cake-smash...
Come on sun! It's time to play outside!
Tree love...
Salad and BBQs are on their way... PROMISE!
Ye olde faithful Nuby bibs...
Hair-clips and building blocks...
Stay cosy everyone! Spring must be on it's way!!

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  1. I hope the snow melts for you all soon and you get some warmth and sunshine your way. I know that precious little girl of yours is going to love playing in the grass outside!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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