Friday, 15 March 2013

Finding Comic Relief...

HARD week.

Euna and I have been struck down by some heinous cold FLU virus. All week we've clutched pitifully to the sofa, red-nosed, doe-eyed, achey-boned with horse-throats. Buried under covers and balls of rancid tissue we've festered. Sneezing, sniffing, coughing, whimpering, whining and whinging. Oh... It's been bad guys.

Our only saving grace was the Sky man finally hooked us up to some decent viewing. (Immediately after I watched a segment on ITV's This Morning about a woman who claims to of been kidnapped by aliens who gave her amazing orgasms via aerial TV. Yikes.) Helloooo Sky Atlantic... Two weeks is too long.

This morning I felt so sorry for myself I sat on my bed and sobbed at Steve not to leave me. I pleaded that there was no way his 3 meetings were as important as rubbing my feet and taking over the changing of Euna's (BIBLICAL) nappies. I was ready to pull every trick in the book to not spend a fifth day on my trapped in my snot rag fort alone with a baby who cries all the live long day. Tears, tantrums and emotional blackmail. Bloody man went anyway. Fortunately for his career and our financial stability he ignored my tears.

From my cesspool of self pity I've spied the appearance of clowns noses. It's Red Nose Day. (Aka the day the BBC do a MASSIVE fundraising drive for the charity Comic Relief) Charity... Those is real need... What's important...

So I take a healthy and humbling dose of perspective and breathe a sigh of "we're alright reeeaaalllyyyy". Then I took my own dose of Comic Relief and remember Chris Rock's line in "What to Expect" "Sure, I think about paying for college sometimes and I have to cry in my car for half an hour. But then I just punch myself in the dick and get over it." 

Check this out for a little of your own comic relief... He he!

A few snaps as Euna's friends celebrate their birthdays...
Still time to enter my Nuby sippy cup GIVEAWAY!!!! Takes seconds!

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  1. Get well soon! It's tough being poorly and having a little one to look after.
    Sarah x


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