Monday, 21 April 2014


I can't work out if it's all tragic how much I hate not having my laptop. The habitual online shopping is no loss. Good riddance to the pointless Facebook timeline scrolling. But I miss my photos. I miss editing. I miss reflecting on a day out in the evening. I miss working. I miss being creative. And I am dying to see my first paid wedding photos on the big screen!!

So I'm sat here on Steve's IPad thinking the internet is widely known as a tool that takes us out of reality and I agree it does I'm also a believer in how it can help us connect. If it wasn't for parenting forums and the access to hundreds of opinions, tips, perspectives, reading recommendations and experiences my parenting and therefore the landscape of our family would be very different. If I wasn't inspired to share good photos on this blog I might never of tried to get better at taking photos. I probably wouldn't of taken a fraction of as many pictures. I wouldn't be sitting here on a Sunday morning thinking "where are we all right now and how do I want to share that?" Taking time to process it all. I could be doing washing right now... I don't suppose I would feel close to anyone/thing except the bottom of the wash basket for that.

Anyway I hope to be back soon with lots of photos! Including my first formal maternity shoot, my first shot at wedding photography and lots of our first Easter as a four! Come on Apple! Please be speedy!

In the meantime I'm looking back over old fav snaps to decide on what should be getting printed for the walls... What do you think?


  1. Such a hard desicion, they are all such beautiful pictures! #Point+Shoot x

  2. Gorgeous photos and I love the yellow cot, just beautiful.

    Thanks for joining in with Point + Shoot xx

  3. Oh I'm doing wall photos too!


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