Sunday, 2 September 2012

Charlie Banana Swim Nappy Review

Swim nappies. The whole concept stumped me at first. How do they work? Surely they get water logged instantly so how does it absorb anything? The thing about swim nappies is they should be called "Poo Catchers" because that's what they are. Essentially they're a shower cap for babies bottoms. Only instead of keeping water out they're keeping poo in.

So no, we're not concerning ourselves with the wee. Babies wee in the pool. So, probably, do all young children. Don't be alarmed. This has always been the case you just didn't know about it.

Charlie Banana then! You will know, if you read my Charlie Banana pocket nappy review, that I'm a big fan. Then, the lovelies that they are at Charlie Banana HQ, sent me a freebie! A lovely brand spanking new swim nappy to review! WHOOP!

Reasons for loving the pocket nappy? Beautifully soft, well made, good fit, funky print, washed well, no leaks, looked great and very reasonably priced. All reasons, I have to say, still standing for the swim nappy! The swim nappy itself is made up of a PUL outer and a soft fleecy inner. They really do get their fabrics right at CB, you think some of your other nappies are soft then you feel these and you go oooohhhh... Inside is a small layer of padding and best of all, a drawstring waist! (Incidentally I went in to Mothercare today and checked out their swim nappies which don't have drawstrings.)

The print I got sent is awesome! It's called "The Royal Collection The Kate" super girly and a bit funky. Right up my street. 

The fit is nice. A little roomy BUT baby A is a whole 2lbs too small for this nappy. It is a medium, meant for 16-21lbs. Euna is currently 14lbs and looking at it I assume she would be about right but the time she hits the right weight... If perhaps a little loose on the thighs. She's like her mother with chunky "Christmas ham" type thighs so maybe they could be a little more snug for the more average bubba.

The price is good. At a rough Google they seem to go for about £9. This is around the same as a brand like Bambino Mio, £1 less than a bigger brand like Tots Bots (which are way overpriced in my opinion) but around £3 more expensive than a Mothercare own. So considering I like and trust the CB brand this is a good price.

Most importantly... THE TEST! Tuesdays at 11:30am are our swimming lessons and this week were our swim nappy review testing time. Verdict is they work great. In the half hour we had there were no accidents and I may add that baby A did put them to the test. Colour, stitching and fabric texture all held up beautifully through both the swim and the wash. Brilliant.

Overview: Good quality, funky design and thoroughly functional. Price is bang on and I would go as far as to assume you could knock a pound or two off the price I listed if you Googled hard enough. All positive. Am I left wanting anything? Not really... Though I am a sucker for a ruffle bum should CB feel the need the create one they'd certainly have one customer here.

And just to demonstrate how my love affair with the pockets continues... Charlie Banana One Size Pocket in Lavender... Lovely.

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